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Ace Your Back-To-School Checklist

Ace Your Back-To-School Checklist

School is back in session! Before you zip off on that college road trip or partake in those daily drop-offs, check out this back-to-school vehicle maintenance checklist to ace your first test of the year!

1. Tires

Feel confident with the state of your tires by paying special attention to air levels and tread to see if they have become noticeably worn or bald. Keep a tire gauge on hand and perform the penny test often to help with this. If Lincoln’s head shows when a penny is placed upside down between the grooves of the tread, the tires need to be replaced. Reminder to have your car’s tires routinely rotated to help extend the life of the tires.

2. Fluids

Performing your regular oil changes is an A+ in our book, but don’t forget to check on the many additional fluids your vehicle’s system use. System include your air conditioning, washer and wipers, transmission, brakes, power steering, radiator, and oil. Keep your vehicle in top-shape by replenishing your fluids and flushing to keep clean when needed.

3. Brakes

As a very important safety feature on your car, you’ll want to make sure your brakes work as they should. Next time you go for a drive, take a mental note…Does your car stop as fast as it should? Hear any strange noises like squeaking or grinding? Even if all seems well, it’s always good to have a professional like Craftsman Auto Care look to confirm.

4. Lights

Dependable visibility is crucial when driving to school on those early mornings! The headlights, rear lights, turn signals, and hazards are all important to travel safely. If you find that any of your bulbs are out or broken, our team is here to help replace them as soon as possible!

5. Battery

Ensure that you can count on your vehicle to start every time you go to drive it. A typical battery is replaced every 4-5 years, but should be inspection during this time frame. If you’re ever curious about the state of your battery, swing by any of our seven locations and we will check your car’s battery charge during your next service!

6. Don’t Forget the Emergency Kit

Keeping a well stocked emergency kit will help you to be prepared should something unexpected happen on the road. A basic kit should include a flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, window breaker, inflated spare tire and tire repair kit, blanket, flares and hazard triangle, jumper cables, cash, water, and non-perishable food items. Here is one from Amazon that has most of these items!

Craftsman Auto Care will make it easy to confidently take your family to and from school! Schedule your Back-To-School Digital Vehicle Inspection before the first day!

Photo by Shutter2U via Canva Pro

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