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BG Brake Fluid Service

BG Brake Fluid Service

Get rid of corrosion on brake components and restore brake function!

Brake system maintenance is one of the most important services to perform on a vehicle. In just 30,000 miles, brake fluid can break down and become contaminated with corrosion and water condensation. This can lead to a spongy brake pedal, corrosion of brake components, and gradual loss of brake function. Swing by Craftsman for a BG Brake Service and get your brakes back to top-shape!

BG Products Used:

  • BG Brake Fluid. Provides high temperature protection and moisture resistance for all brake systems..
  • BG Brake and Parts Cleaner. Dissolves built-up residue on brake components.


  • Smoother stopping
  • Quieter brakes
  • Restores brake responsiveness
  • Fights corrosion and contaminants

Image by Maksim Rumiantsev from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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