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BG Cooling System Service

BG Cooling System Service

Let us restore your cooling system function to peak efficiency!

A vehicle’s cooling system is designed to manage the engine heat and maintain a consistently safe operating temperature. This service dissolves and removes accumulated deposits of rust, scale, and sludge in the cooling system. When coolant degrades, the additives that inhibit corrosion begin to deplete. Once these additives are exhausted, the coolant becomes acidic and starts to corrode the system components. The buildup of these materials on surfaces that transfer heat prevent circulation, affecting the engine’s ability to shed heat.

BG Products Used:

BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner. Removes rust, mineral deposits, and other residues that accumulate in the system.
BG Universal Coolant. Exchanges worn out and contaminated coolant.
BG Universal Super Cool. Added to the new coolant to protect the cooling systems from corrosion, foaming, and acidic contamination.


  • Restores cooling system function
  • Prevents corrosion and sludge
  • Removes rust and other debris
  • Protects engine with longer coolant life
  • Reduces chance of overheating
  • Increased vehicle performance

Image by thitimon toyai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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