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Carrying on the traditions at Mclean Automotive Service

Taking ownership of a business is a daunting task and I’ve done it many times in my 35+ years in the auto industry, but nothing compares to the experience I’ve had in the last two weeks as I’ve transitioned McLean Automotive into the Fifth location of Craftsman Auto Care.

First, I have never had so many people just pop in to wish us well. I’ve heard “Good Luck” and “Welcome to McLean” many times each day as we’ve become more familiar with the incredible vibe of this historic small town.

Then, without going out and searching for assistance to purchase hardware or to find the best Italian sub for our hungry team of techs, many business owners have taken the time to stop by to introduce themselves and share a local tip or two. Visiting McLean Hardware was like walking into a customer service mecca where I had a personal sales person assist me the moment I walked in. I already feel like I have tons of business partners, all who I know truly want to assist us in becoming a part of this unique community.

I want everyone in the community to know that as a small, family owned and operated business, Craftsman Auto Care will continue on the tradition that the Justice family started over 67 years ago; offer the best quality repair service with honesty, integrity and the best customer experience ever. The only difference you’ll see are the productivity and efficiency improvements that today’s technology provides: online appointments, digital inspections, texting, 3-year/36K mile national warranty, and many convenience options like a concierge service, rewards program, maintenance reminders and free Wi-Fi, beverages and snacks in the showroom.

Several years ago, James Justice and I had exchanged some conversation about the potential opportunity to expand the Craftsman Brand into McLean. Once James got to know me and knew that his business would continue to be run by a local, family owned business he knew that his business would be in good hands. If my name sounds familiar, I owned and operated Curry’s Auto Service, a 10 location shop that was sold in 2013. After semi-retiring and then becoming bored, I came across the opportunity to take over Kingstowne Auto Care in Manchester Lakes in Franconia. That was the first Craftsman Location. It was so much fun, that my wife and I decided to explore all the opportunities in the area and opened up a shop in Fairfax, (taking over Fairfax Tire & Auto), Chantilly and then Merrifield.

I am one of the few true natives of DC since I was born in the downtown Sibley Hospital. I’ve been invested in the local economy my whole career and grew up in Vienna and graduated from James Madison High School and attended George Mason and worked in the industry with my Brother, Bob Curry at several shops honing my craft before opening up my own auto repair businesses. My wife, Judy is our Chief Creative Officer who works behind the scene and does our Marketing. Together, with our incredible team led by Vernon Abel, we’ve opened up over 16 auto repair locations in the DMV during the span of 22 years.

I want to thank the town of Mclean and the whole surrounding community for such a warm and friendly welcome. You have my word that I will serve you and your vehicles will all my heart and will treat you just the way my mom taught me to treat others – with honesty and respect!

Me, my wife Judy, and the whole Craftsman team looks forward to meeting you – call us anytime at 703-356-7730.

Craftsman Auto Care has locations in Alexandria, Chantilly, Fairfax and Merrifield and is open Monday – Friday 7:00am- 5:00pm; Saturday 8:00am – 4pm. Contact www.CraftsmanAutoCare.com for more information or call 833-CRAFTS1.

Image by Serhii Akhtemiichuk from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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