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How GMU Students are Fighting Food Insecurity!

How GMU Students are Fighting Food Insecurity!

We’ve got some new friends!

We’re big on supporting our community and have a new opportunity that tackles both food insecurity and mentoring our local young and upcoming entrepreneurs at George Mason University School of Business – Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship! This organization has a Student Venture program that developed the George Mason University Campus Food & Beverage Network (CFBN) that was started 3 years ago to provide students with an opportunity to learn life situation skills associated with entrepreneurship.

The CFBN has found a way to raise money towards food insecurity on campus while supporting our local businesses in the DMV area – By partnering with local businesses in the food and beverage industry and selling quality, unique products through their online store front. Their current partners-in-crime are True Honey Teas and Foundation Coffee. The CFBN works with GMU alumni and regional entrepreneurs, driving 20% of their earned revenue toward a social impact. This year, 20% of all revenue goes toward combating food insecurity and hunger on campus. To date, $5,000 of the generated revenue has gone towards a social impact.

They initially started with honey, but have recently switched to tea and are now introducing coffee. But what’s so special about these two businesses that made CFBN choose them? Well for one, not only is True Honey Tea home to one of GMU’s alumni, but it also has crystallized local honey inside every tea bag! No need to sticky up your counter pulling out the honey with this tea! And nobody takes their coffee beans and roastery process as serious as Foundation Coffee Roastery. Bonus – This small batch coffee shop is a neighbor of GMU’s Fairfax campus!

If you would like to help GMU students grow their entrepreneurial skill set, combat hunger on campus, and support a new small business – a purchase of tea or coffee will do just that!

Here’s how you can lend some support:

1.Purchase tea or coffee from the CFBN website: go.gmu.edu/CampusFBN – We had the students put together a corporate gift box that we sent to our customers for an appreciation gift.

2. Purchase goods directly : The The Patriot Pantry (GMU’s on campus partners) has utilized the technology of an Amazon Wishlist to purchase goods directly towards the food insecurity cause.

3.There is also a website for monetary donations if none of the above is your cup of tea.

Craftsman Auto Care is excited to call ourselves partners as well as we help raise awareness in our community and support their efforts! Help us spread the word by sharing this blog and following the George Mason Campus Food and Beverage Network on social media to share the latest products and updates!

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