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i went there for Wheel allignment for my SUV used a coupon from Groupon, the vehicle was about to be repaired . Chris was the repairman or associate there who came to me and told me that one of the tyre of my vehicle is leaking and i need to replace it as it is not repairable and i should replace all four of the tyres as it is a suv. moreover he was telling me that some of his fluids are not clean and i need to should replace them too. This guy was clearly trying to oversell to me since i had changed the fluids not very long back. I told him that my tyres are good and thread is good too , i never had any problem with my tyre in this vehicle moreover i came to your shop through a long drive, there was no tyre pressure warning or anything. But he was stressing me to change four tyres and was telling me that this is not repairable. i asked him i dont want to get it done, just release the vehicle after the wheel allignment. When i was on my way back, i started noticing the tyre pressure warning, when i stopped the vehicle i noticed that its air was leaking preety bad, i somehow filled air on the way and rushed back home. i called AAA to replace it with the spare tyre, but he told me that he can repair the tyre and i got it done from him. Now the thing which i strongly suspect that this guy damaged the tyre of my vehicle just to make money. I called that shop back and told them but the associate about this concern. I will never go back to them, i strongly feel that they tried to rip me off.

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