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See Clearly! Headlight Restoration

See Clearly! Headlight Restoration

During daylight savings, we drive in the dark more often and definitely need our headlights to be as bright as they can! With the new HID headlights on the newer vehicles, it’s hard to see if you have older headlights that have lost their shine and must compete with this HID technology.

We have a quick fix to help your visibility and make sure you are safe: Headlight restoration is an inexpensive procedure that we can perform during your next visit. This is a quick and simply way to bring brilliant, bright light back into your night driving.

Using BG top quality products, this is a simple three-step process that includes lightly sanding the headlight lens until the cloudy and discolored surface is removed, then rubbing on a cleaning solvent and finishing by applying a protective sealant. It instantly restores beam clarity and improves luminosity, is completely safe to use and compatible with all headlight components. It’s an economical way to restore lenses to like-new condition!

Image by Industrial Photograph via Canva Pro

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