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Seeing Is Believing; Digital Documentation Keeps Us Accountable And You Informed

Seeing Is Believing; Digital Documentation Keeps Us Accountable And You Informed

Craftsman…The Digital Revolution in Car Care

Have you ever left an auto repair shop and wondered what the heck just happened? Did it seem as though your service tech was talking gibberish? Have you driven away hoping that you didn’t get taken for a ride?

At Craftsman we promise that you’ll never experience those feelings. In fact, we’re so committed to customer service, education, and quality that we’ve created a state-of-the-art digital inspection process.

Here’s how it works.

Digital Documentation Every Step of the Way

When you bring your car to Craftsman, we:

    1. Listen to what you have to share until we completely understand your situation.
    2. Test drive your vehicle.
    3. Pull your car into a bay where every technician has a tablet computer.
    4. Thoroughly inspect the car, taking pictures and recording notes on the tablet of any needed repairs and areas of concern (like worn tires & brakes).
    5. Forward the digital inspection to the service manager who reviews it and discusses it in detail with your tech.
    6. Prepare a quote (based on the parts and labor required) indicating urgent safety and handling concerns, repairs to consider tackling soon, and issues to watch for in the future.
    7. Send an interactive digital record to you that includes our notes, pictures, and links to educational information about your vehicle:

  1. Give you the flexibility to view the report on your phone, tablet, or computer at anytime, anywhere.
  2. Provide the ability to approve or discuss the quote via text, email, or phone.
  3. Schedule work on your car as soon as we receive authorization from you.
  4. Test drive all vehicles after service for quality assurance and contact you when your car is ready for pick up.

How This Helps You

  • You see exactly what we see when inspecting your car, and you can read our detailed notes about its health.
  • You can easily share the digital report with your insurance company, spouse, or anyone else who needs to see it.
  • You get documented proof of the condition of your vehicle, and the digital history feature means that key maintenance issues are not overlooked.
  • You save time because the quote can be approved via email or text.
  • You can learn about key components of your vehicle through our educational videos and information.
  • It’s our user-friendly and eco-friendly way to give you control over your car’s service and repair needs.

But Wait…..There’s More!!

In-Person, Show & Tell Experience

Now, in addition to our digital reports, we’re opening our service bays for customers who want FREE one-on-one time with their technicians to discuss their vehicles while standing right over them!

We’ll show you exactly what we see and tell you what we recommend, answering all your questions to make sure you understand our suggestions. So, if you’re waiting in our fabulous and comfy showroom or if you’re available while we’re inspecting your car, just say you’d like the Show ‘n Tell Experience.

Prioritized Repair Reports

  • Required ASAP due to Safety Issues or VA State Inspection Failure
  • Needed Soon for Drivability and Performance
  • Will be Necessary in the Near Future (within a certain number of miles)
  • Should be Checked at Your Next Service

This way, you have all the information necessary to make smart decisions about your vehicle’s needs, and you’ll be able to anticipate and budget for upcoming services.

Digital documentation keeps us accountable and you informed.

Photo by nomadsoulphotos via Canva Pro

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