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Spring Reset

Spring Reset

Spring cleaning should include your vehicles! Here is our checklist to make sure you and your vehicle are able to safely enjoy the sunshine and open road.

1. A Good Washing. After months of cold and winter elements, this is a good start to clear off any corrosive road salts, mud, and any other accumulated debris. Get off all of that sitting dust and grime, and do a visual inspection for any new chips, dings, or scratches that need attention. If our Alexandria location is closest to you, stop by the White Horse Auto Wash right around the corner!

2. Replace Windshield Wipers. The ice, sleet, and freezing rain can cause the rubber strip on your wiper blades to be less effective. Signs of this include squeaking sounds, streaking, and splitting. We recommend swapping out your wipers once or twice a year.

3. Show Your Tires Some Love! Check the tread depth and wear of your tires, and make sure to do a visual inspection for any nails, screws, etc. that might have made their way into your tires. Stop by for our technicians to check your air pressure, making sure everything is in tip-top shape, and to rotate your tires for a smooth spring ride.

4. Fluid Check. Check the levels of your windshield wiper, power steering, transmission, brake, and coolant fluids. Our BG Coolant Flush will clean and replenish the entire cooling system with premium coolant and supplemental conditioners. You’ll see the immediate benefits of this service: removing rust and sludge, cleaning the coolant lines and debris, and replenishing depleted coolant additives.

5. Oil Change. If it has been over 5,000 miles since your last oil change, it might be time for the full service. Spring is the best time to do this, preparing for the hot summer weather! An oil change and full service at Craftsman Auto Care includes a thorough digital health inspection, oil change, oil filter change, and a FREE tire rotation. Follow this link to receive $40 OFF your next synthetic oil change!

6. Alignment. Emerging potholes cause havoc on your suspension! A quick adjustment can be just what you need to avoid causing any further problems to your car, such as loss of handling and control. Check out our ‘Specials’ page to get details on your $40 OFF Alignment Pothole Special* for a four wheel alignment with a FREE tire rotation!

7. Belts. Spring is the time to check your engine’s belts for any wear, such as fraying or splits, slick spots, rubber deposits, and tension. Stop by for a FREE digital inspection that will give us a good look to determine if you belt needs replacing!

8. Filters. Cabin air filters should typically be swapped out once a year or so, especially if you regularly drive on dusty roads or live in an area with a lot of pollen. Craftsman offers a 3BG Climate Control Service that features BG Frigi Fresh, Frigi Clean and Frigi Quiet products. This star lineup kills any mold and fungi in the filters, inspects for A/C leaks, cleans the evaporator to restore the cooling process, and checks all system pressure. This process kills bacteria, sanitizes surfaces, and removes allergens and pollen particles.

9. Replace Your Key Fob. Many of our customers rely on key fobs to enter their vehicle and start their engines. If you haven’t changed your key fob in a while or it is being finicky or less responsive, now is the time to replace it. Stop by and chat with one of our technicians to get this replaced to save you time and a headache down the road.

10. Call in the Pros! Make an appointment with any of our seven locations in Alexandria, Ashburn, Chantilly, Fairfax, McLean, Merrifield, or Sterling to get a head start on your spring reset with a full inspection of your vehicle with detailed photos sent via text and our professional recommendations to add to your spring to-do list.

Image by Nataliya Korchmar from NataKor! via Canva Pro

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