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“That Pothole I Just Hit Won’t Cause Any Damage To My Vehicle, Right?”

"That Pothole I Just Hit Won't Cause Any Damage To My Vehicle, Right?"

Potholes can wreak havoc on your tires, rims, alignment and shocks & struts. If you hit a particularly nasty one, beware of these warning signs that could be exacerbated if you ignore them:

  • Vehicle is pulling to one side (alignment or steering system issue)
  • A particularly bouncy or loose ride (shock & strut damage)
  • Your tire air pressure light illuminates
  • Visible bulge in tire sidewall (indicates that there is an internal tear)
  • Rim damage that may indicate hidden tire damage
  • Steering wheel off center

Never drive over a pothole filled with water since you have no way to judge the depth and width and the possible damage that could ensue, or any submerged items that could cause tire punctures. Also, keeping your tires properly inflated is key to allowing your vehicle to absorb the smaller bumps without sustaining any major damage.

Oftentimes, driving over a pothole is best. Swerving and avoiding them can cause you to hit the pothole with your tire/rim and could cause more damage. And sudden hard braking could cause the wheel to lock and possibly transfer a harsher impact.

If you do hit a horrendous pothole, pull off the road as soon as you can and do a quick visible inspection of your tires & rims.

When your vehicle comes in for service, make sure you share your pothole horror stories with our technicians so they can assist you a proper maintenance schedule tailored just for you and your driving habits. They can assess any premature or unusual tire wear, rim damage and alignment issues. Regular inspections and maintenance is the only way to avoid costly and surprise repairs resulting from pothole hits.

Go slow over those potholes, inspect your vehicle and make sure you schedule your regular maintenance! Click here to schedule your next appointment.

Photo by OgnjenO from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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