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The Cost Of Leaves: Seasonal Inspections Save Money!

The Cost Of Leaves: Seasonal Inspections Save Money!

Are seasonal inspections really necessary? It’s that time of year when our industry is recommending a Fall vehicle inspection and/or holiday road-trip inspection and here’s why it is an important part of your vehicle maintenance:

  1. Those leaves! Once all the leaves have finally fallen, many have found their way into your vehicles cowl, the vented area under your hood by your windshield. The only way to properly clear it of leaves and other debris is to pop your hood and do a thorough cleaning. Left unchecked, this debris can clog your body water drains and may have a negative affect on air inducted into the cabin and the cabin air filter.
  2. Got a charge? With frigid temps drawing near, now’s the time to check the charge of your battery and it’s contact points. Batteries typically last about 3-5 years and usually will run around $150*. Purchasing the highest quality battery (we recommend Interstate) will provide a greater probability that your engine is going to start on those frigid mornings.
  3. Allergen-free ride. With your windows up and the heat circulating air through your cabin, make sure your filters are free of mold and other allergens that accumulate and can have a negative impact on the passengers who breathe the air. Most filters should be replaced every 6 months or about 15K miles*.
  4. It’s not IF they’ll need replaced, but WHEN! We always recommend regular brake checks (with every oil service). Even if your brakes seem fine, knowing how much of your brake pad surface is left will help you prepare and budget for a brake replacement. Brakes usually last 30K-60K miles*.
  5. Confidently navigate through rain, sleet and snow! Tires provide the only contact point that your car has to the road. Ensure that this area is maximized! Regular rotations and tread checks will ensure that you’re getting the most of your tire investment. Tires usually last about 50K miles*.
  6. See Clearly.
  7. Wiper blades dry out and loose their ability to “seal” to your windshield and properly dispel water and particles. Replace every 6 – 18 months before they start making those annoying noises. Investing in high quality blades will extend this interval.

FUN FACT: Improve the life of your blades by cleaning them next time you’re at a gas station. When you are cleaning off your windshield with the squeegee, flip your blades over and run the squeegee over them and you’ll be shocked the dirt and grim that will come off!

Headlight lenses yellow over time, especially with exposure to sunlight. A headlight restoration service is a quick and inexpensive way to make your nighttime driving brighter.

The best advice is to get an Oil Service done 2X a year/every 5K miles, preferably when the weather changes; Ideally, your whole vehicle should be inspected. This is the only way to be able to keep unexpected repair bills at bay and to budget your annual vehicle maintenance expenses. Learn more about our digital inspections and how this will change your whole repair experience! Click here to schedule your FREE digital inspection.

* Service intervals will be determined by the type of vehicle you drive, your driving habits/mileage and driving conditions!

Image by Minerva Studio via Canva Pro

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