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Tire Sense From Craftsman Auto Care: How To Tell When Tires Need To Be Replaced

How do you know when your tires need to be replaced? Here’s your four-point checklist from our tire experts and ASE-Certified Master Technicians at Craftsman Auto Care:

  1. Tire MILEAGE: Most tires will last about 40-60k miles or 4 to 6 years. **
  2. Tire TREAD: Legally, tire tread depth cannot go below 2/32nd of an inch. Here are two quick ways to check the tread depth of your tires:
    • Penny test: Place the top of Lincoln’s head into the tread. If part of his head is still covered by the tread, the tires may be good.
    • Tread Wear Bars: If these have been worn down to the same level as the tread, your tires need to be replaced. Keep in mind that if your tread is even close to these bars, the traction of your tires may already be compromised and could have an adverse effect on the performance and safety of your vehicle.
  3. DRIVABILITY: Don’t ignore slight pulls, vibrations or thumping noises. Keep in mind that you may just need to add air or have the tires rotated.
  4. VISUAL Inspection: look for signs of wear, dry rot or smooth, flat spots. Be sure to check the wear bars and look for uneven patterns on the inside and outside of the tread.

Set a recurring reminder on your calendar to inspect your tires monthly using this checklist as your guide. For your convenience, Craftsman Auto Care will check your tires for free and can answer any questions you may have about drivability issues you are experiencing. With our convenient locations serving Virginia, Maryland and DC, there’s always a Craftsman Auto Care Team close to your home or work.

** This is entirely dependent on driving conditions, driving habits and maintenance!

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