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Tire Sense From Craftsman Auto Care: Taking Care Of Your Tires And Protecting Your Tire Investment

  1. Have tires rotated regularly. This is vital to ensure even wear and improve longevity. We recommend rotating your tires with every oil service (about 5-7k miles or 6-12 months). Tires purchased at Craftsman Auto Care are rotated for FREE. Simply visit any of our convenient locations serving Virginia, Maryland and DC.
  2. Monitoring tire inflation. Use a tire gauge and/or your onboard computer to check tire pressures and maintain a consistent level across all tires. Manual tire pressure readings should be made on cold tires, but keep in mind that with some vehicles, the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) doesn’t make a proper reading until the vehicle has been driven for several miles.
  3. Inspect your tread every month to see if there are any signs of dangerous or uneven tread wear. (See our blog How to Tell When Tires Need to Be Replaced to learn how to inspect your tread.)
  4. Have all drivability issues evaluated by your technician. Often, pulling or vibration signals the need for a tire alignment, tire balance, tire rotation or other auto repair service. If left unchecked, they can cause premature wear on your tires and force a costly replacement. The ASE-Certified Master technicians and tire experts at Craftsman Auto Care can address all of these concerns and provide a solution tailored specifically to your driving needs, habits and budget.
  5. Don’t let your tires sit for long periods. This could lead to flat spots and cause drivability or other issues.
  6. Know the facts about safe tire repairs. To ensure tire safety, have all repairs performed by a certified tire technician. If you have a puncture, the tire should be removed from the wheel and repaired with an internal patch and plug, not with an external string plug or patch. Replace tires in pairs for the best tire performance. Read more about safe tire repairs.

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