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Auto Lover’s Gift List 2022

The holidays are approaching quickly! Check out these great gifts that will bring a smile to your car-obsessed loved ones!

1. Tile Mate For Car Keys

The Tile Mate Key Finder is a great solution to always know where your keys are, bringing you ease for your holiday travels! The Tile attaches to your key ring, syncs to your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and can be tracked down using GPS through the Tile App.

2. HD Dash Camera

An affordable dash cam makes a great gift for any driver! The Cobra SC201 Smart Dash Cam features a front-facing and interior-facing camera to keep an extra eye on the road. You can monitor your vehicle while it is parked, and quickly downloads recorded clips to your phone.

3. Custom-Fitted Floor Mats

Coco Mats has some of the best looking, fitting, and durable floor mats for your car! The brand has custom-fitted floor mats available for a wide assortment of vehicles, offering a Gift Box option for the holidays! There are templates for a vast majority of car models, and if you can’t find yours, Coco Mats will send you a blank template to get the exact specifications. The Gift Box deal also comes with different floor mat swatches and a gift certificate!

4. Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Compatible with iPhone 12 models and up to the latest iPhone 14 iterations, this magnetic wireless charger is the perfect car accessory for those on the road. There is a simple, clean design and won’t take up too much space on your dash!

5. Echo Auto – First Generation

This nifty Echo Auto device will bring Alexa and all benefits to your vehicle! The device connects to your smartphone via the Alexa app, providing the same features as the traditional speakers. The car lover in your life can use their voice to play music, get directions, add items to their to-do list, and more.

6. Dustbuster Car Vacuum

The Black and Decker Dustbuster, the winner of the Best Car Vacuums in 2022, is both affordable and efficient! Its large mouth opening allows you to suck up any chunks of debris in your vehicle, and its household versatility means its uses extend far beyond seats and floor beds.

7. Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag

This Amazon Basics rooftop cargo bag is simple, affordable and easy to install! With 15 cubic feet of storage, it’s waterproof and comes with stay-dry flaps over its zipper opening. This is ideal for the occasional road tripper, and also features a one-year warranty.

8. Chemical Guys Lucent Shine Spray

The Chemical Guys launched a new Lucent Shine Spray that is designed to deliver streak-free shine to paint, glass, wheels, and metal – making it the perfect product to use all around!

9. Total Interior Cleaning Wipes

The Chemical Guys also offer this portable pack of 50 single-use wipes to quickly wipe off any dust and dirt from your car’s interior surfaces! It is safe for plastic, leather, wood, and glass.

10. Carpet And Upholstery Cleaner

This fabric spray from Armor All uses a gentle hydrogen peroxide formula to fight stains on cloth seats and carpets without bleaching the material. Combine it with a sturdy scrub brush for deep-cleaning action!

11. Craftsman Auto Care Gift Certificate (20% OFF!)

If you know someone who’s car could use a little TLC, the gift of some Craftsman auto repair services may just be the thing they need! All purchases will be digitally added to you or your loved one’s Orange Rewards account to use at a future visit.

Don’t have an Orange Rewards account? No worries! We will create one for you and add your gift straight to your account!

Image by pixelshot via Canva Pro

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