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Go Further on a Tank of Gas

Go Further on a Tank of Gas

Go further on a tank of gas with these tips:

1. Check your Tire Pressure. Don’t rely on your TPMS to gauge your most efficient tire pressure since this system will only warn you when your pressure drops/rises 25% from the manufacturer recommend inflation. Sensors are not aggressive enough to detect a fluctuation of a few pounds.

a. Check all 4 tires’ pressure next time you’re filling up at a gas station, or better yet, just pop into your neighborhood Craftsman Auto Care location in Manchester Lakes/Alexandria, Fairfax, Chantilly, Merrifield, McLean and Sterling/Cascades and we can check it for you! Stash a tire gauge in your glovebox so you’ll always have it handy.

b. Most vehicles loose between 1-2 psi a month under normal driving conditions. With just a loss of 1 psi, you’ll lose .1% of your fuel efficiency.

2. Gas loyalty. Go ahead and sign up for those reward accounts at your local station. If you’re a regular customer, points and rewards can add up fast. You can save even more if the plan rewards for referrals and other purchases, so these are worth checking out.

3. Rotate those tires! Even wear on your tires decreases road resistance which provides the most efficient tire surface. Uneven wear will cause bald spots and slow you down, so It’s a good practice to rotate them with every oil service. Your technician can recommend the best plan based on your type of tires and driving habits.

a. Driving with the correct tires will also allow your car to ride efficiently; especially if you drive a Hybrid or EV; they require low rolling resistant tires. Our technicians are experts in all tire services and fitting, so they can discuss the best option for you based on your car, mileage, and your driving habits.

4. Use Upside app and earn cash back. It’s free and will direct you to the lowest prices in your area. With this app, you don’t have to apply for a credit card or provide a bank account.

5. Open a GasBuddy account. This free app requires a link to your bank account but deposits any reward savings directly to your account.

6. Lighten up! Removing 100 pounds of stuff you might have hanging out in your trunk can save about 1% in fuel efficiency.

7. Check your alignment. This is a FREE service at all Craftsman Auto Care locations! That’s how important it is for performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. A consistent alignment protects your tires longevity, helps avoid excessive wear and tear, and ensures a smoother, more stable ride as well as save you money on gas.

8. Clean out your fuel system. If you haven’t done this recently (every 15K miles) and you notice that you’re not getting as many miles to a tank, a BG Fuel/Air Induction Service will remove the harmful build-up in your fuel system and restore its fuel efficiency. In addition, this service improves performance, decreases emissions, and puts a few bucks back into your wallet every time you fill up your gas tank!

9. Eliminate any extra “drag”. Ensure your vehicle is aerodynamic by removing any carriers or racks that create a drag and make you burn more gas. If you’re traveling on a highway, that could reduce your efficiency by 5-15%!

10. Lighten up on the throttle. Go closer to the posted speed limits and sit back and enjoy the ride. Slowing down just 5-10 mph can improve fuel economy by 7-14%. Using cruise control to keep a consistent speed can also help, as well as lightly accelerating and braking.

Keep up with your regular maintenance. A well-maintained vehicle is the best assurance that you’re doing all you can to save gas!

Image by Fahroni via Canva Pro

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